Kahla has won their 75th design award! The Red Dot Design Award for 2012 for Centuries.


Kahla has done it again and won their 75th award!


Barbara Schmidt’s porcelain concept Centuries receives the 2012red dot product design award and the Top Hotel Star Award in Gold.



Kahla, March 2012 – Once again, the German porcelain brand KAHLA has demonstrated to uphold its high standard of design. It was just announced that the Centuries design concept was selected to receive the 2012 red dot product design award. With this award, the jury of 30 international experts recognizes the conceptual sophistication of Centuries and its wide variety of possible combinations. The award is also to be seen as a recognition of the shift towards a more individualized table culture, a move made by KAHLA already in the 1990s and taken one step further by acclaimed designer Barbara Schmidt with her latest design. Because this series is not your traditional porcelain set but it rather is a group of beautiful individual objects linked by its material and the underlying design language. These objects can be combined as desired and re-arranged into countless new personalized compositions. “I am very excited about the red dot, in particular because the award shows that the creative play with historical influences may have its place in contemporary design” says Barbara Schmidt.
Past and Present, Reason and Emotion
What is fascinating about Centuries is that it bridges the gap between past and present, between reason and emotion. In Centuries, clear contemporary lines meet an enormous wealth of historical detail. The four different design lines Thuringia, Mirasol, Feston and Époque quote ribbed reliefs and textures from nature, scalloped edges and different types of historical handles. This equips Centuries with a variety of options like hardly any other program before. The different shapes of the individual plates, cups and vessels enrich the dinner conversation and delight with their elegant lines and the experience of touching the finely crafted, textured surface.